Patrons have two chances to see Something Rotten! at

Darien High School: live in-person or on-demand from home!

Please select your desired method of viewing by clicking either of the links above. More information on each option can be found below.

*All tickets for both events will go on sale, Tuesday, May 11th.*

In-Person, Live Performance:

May 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th all at 7 PM

at the Darien High School Courtyard

Please read the following information before purchasing your

tickets for the LIVE SHOW!

- All tickets and concessions MUST be purchased online using the link provided above. 

  There will be no on-sight ticket sales.

- All tickets are sold in pods of four (4) tickets. No individual tickets will be sold.

  You can purchase a pod for $50.

- All patrons must bring a blanket or chair to sit on during the performance. Select pods

  are available with pre-placed Adirondack chairs for an additional $10 ($60 total).

- Please read the grid carefully when purchasing. Each section has a specified chair height.

- Concession packs are $25 and include the following items: a Something Rotten! program,

   a Something Rotten! poster (signed by the cast), 4 water bottles, 4 mosquito repellent

   bracelets, 4 individual antibacterial wipes, and 4 movie size snacks of your choice

   (popcorn, Swedish Fish, Sour Patch Kids, M&Ms). You will pick up your bag when you

   check in on the night of the show.

- All patrons are expected to wear a mask when in attendance.

On-Demand, Streaming Performance:

Saturday, June 5th & Sunday, June 6th

Please read the following information before purchasing your

tickets for the ON-DEMAND STREAM!

- Tickets for the on-demand viewing are only $10.

- You can order tickets all the way up to Saturday morning.

- One ticket allows you to view the show as many times as you want all weekend long!

If you have any questions about ticket purchases or concessions, please contact Christine Wood at

or Hedi O'Connor at