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William Shakespeare's 

As You Like It


Director: Andrew Rejan

Stage Manager: Claire Borecki

Assistant Stage Managers: James Cherico and Anan Durango


Cast List

Adam - Nicholas Servas

Orlando - Grady Allen

Oliver - Lucas Thompson

Charles - Sage Gillespie

Rosalind - Eden Wright

Celia - Jordan Kaloyanides

Touchstone - Henry Steinthal

Le Beau/Sir Oliver Martext - Charlotte Campbell

Duke Frederick/ Musician - Jack Savage

Amiens/ Lead Musician - Evelyn Sload

First Forrester (Lord)/ Musician - Elizabeth Kelley

Second Forrester (Lord)/ Musician - Isabelle Hole

Musician - Caeleigh O’Connor

Duke Senior - Jeremy Merrifield

Corin - Lesly Chamorro

Silvius - Grayson Peters

Jaques - Anjay Kornacki

Phoebe - Lexi Staubi

Audrey - Kristina Mitchell


Lighting Designers: Olivia Lew and Alex Glynn

Sound Designer: Jimmy Conroy

Assistant Sound Designer: Nick Giotis

Set Designers: Lucy Armstrong, Libby Branca, Liz Borecki, Alyssa Farrell, Valerie Le, Amina Mobarik, Justin Mossa

Carpenter and Club Advisor: Richard Reynolds

Official Show Trailer

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