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Guys and Dolls


Director: Lauren DiStefano

Musical Director:  Chris Andrade

Production Manager: Jennifer Chirles

Business Manager: Kathy Kenny

Stage Manager: Kate FitzMaurice

Assistant Stage Manager: Jessica DeRocco

Set Design: Elsa Case


Cast List

Nicely-Nicely: Doug Phipps

Benny Southstreet: Florian Eenkema van Djik

Rusty Charlie: Carson Stewart

Sarah Brown: Jackie Winsch

Arvide Abernathy: Reed Morgan

Harry the Horse: Edward Edwards

Lt. Brannigan: Tom Wade

Nathan Detroit: Peter Traver

Angie the Ox: Danny Traver

Miss Adelaide: Lindsay Bates

Sky Masterson: Chris Hecq

Mimi: Claire Hilton*

Gen. Cartwright: Kristen Misthopoulos

Big Jule: Max Kenyon

Master of Ceremonies: Dylan Gabriel*



Breana Del Gatto, Nicole Caputo, Colin Raymond, Nidhi Verma, Laura Miller, Jacob Smith, Mitch Losito, Kristen Moran


Mission Band:

Sofia Imbimbo, Drake Corrigan, Wen Cong Toh, Giselle Perkowski, Katie Condren, Melanie Turner, Molly Petner


Havana Dancers:

Christina Noujaim, Ford Thompson, Jessica Cambell, Katy Murphy, Lee Thalhamer*


Crap Shooter:

Andrew Trautmann, Brian Weil, Christopher Perkowski, Drew Hardin, Grant Miner, Jeffery Sload, Kyle Blummer, Matt Hayes, Patrick Collins, Andrew Eddie


Hot Box Girls:

Abby Washer, Caity Lowden, Caroline Koenitzer, Courtney Kyritz, Erika Dodge, Giana Kamensky, Hayley Collier, Jenny Schrenker, Kelly Kosnik, Leah Hotchkiss, Lee Thalhamer*, Madison Gabriel, Mallory Zabrocky, Michaela Brady, Sophie Sheldon


* Denotes Dance Captain

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