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Mr. Burns: A Post-Electric Play


by Anne Washburn 

Score by Michael Friedman 

Lyrics by Anne Washburn

Directed by Andrew Rejan 

Cast List

Matt/Apu - Nick Giotis

Jenny/Selm - Larsen Klein

Maria/Chief Wiggum - Perrin Trask

Sam/Homer - Sage Gillespie

Colleen/Lisa - Kailey Anderson

Gibson/Burns - Grady Allen

Quincy/Itchy - Elizabeth Kelley

Acting Company/Agent /Troy McClure - Jack Savage

Acting Company/Flanders - Jeremy Merrifield

Acting Company/Edna Krabappel - Caeleigh O’Connor

Acting Company / Nelson - Henry Steinthal

Acting Company / Bart - Evelyn Sload

Acting Company / Marge - Charlotte Campbell

Acting Company / Scratchy - Nick Servas



Piano – Jack Lowder

Percussion – Lucas Thompson

Guitar – Alex Adelman

Accordionist -- Caeleigh O'Connor



Stage Manager – James Cherico
Musical Director – Evelyn Sload
Choreographer – Charlotte Campbell
Assistant Stage Manager – Harrison Nicholls
Sound Design and Operation – Kasey Mazzone, Anika Satish
Lighting – Libby Branca, Brett Peters, Charlotte Maher, Martiza Mones
Costume Design – Audrey Hagen, Meaghan Dempsey, Mackenzie Lauture, Natalie Christopher
Mask Design – Audrey Hagen
Props – Alyssa Farrell
Graphic Design – Jack Ryan O’Keeffe
Program – Jack Ryan O’Keeffe
Fight Choreographer – Caeleigh O’Connor
Makeup Design– Katie Fischer
Dramaturg – Paul Ridder, Sophia Talwalkar
Set Design – Amina Mobarik, Justin Mossa, Skyler Bennett, Anan Durango
Set Construction and Painting – Audrey Hagen, Alyssa Farrell, Amina Mobarik, Anan Durango, Gabriella Damacela, Grace Aaronson, Kishan Patel, Libby Branca, Logan Sibilio, Luke Ridder, Sabrina
Giarratario, Scott Roney, Skyler Bennett, Soleil Nelson, Sophie Howard, Tala Garcia

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