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Student Productions are a one-act festival of student-directed shows produced by DHS's Theatre 308. The show is an excellent opportunity for students to step into the role of director and the production as a whole showcases some of 308's most artistic, creative, and collaborative work of the year.


We want to thank everyone who came out and supported Student Pros this year! Please check back over the summer for updates regarding our summer sister program: the Musical Theatre Workshop!

This year's show lineup included:

“La Mouche”

Written by Stephen Bittrich

Directed by Ellie Best


“The Tower”

Written and directed by Sadie Leopold


“<3, Brad”

Written by Mallory Sloan

Directed by Katie Koslow, Mallory Sloan, and Alexa Zaino


“The Joke of All Time”

Written and directed by Aidan McDonnell



Written by Dan Weatherer

Directed by Jack Whipple

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