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The Diary of Anne Frank 

by: Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett

New Adapted by: Wendy Kesselman

Director: Gabriel Morrow

Production Stage Manager: Caroline Koenitzer

Assistant Stage Manager/Dramaturge: Jessica Derocco


Cast List

Anne Frank - Katie Condren

Otto Frank - Reed Morgan

Edith Frank - Jackie Winsch

Margot Frank - Melanie Turner

Peter Van Daan - Christopher Hecq

Mr. Van Daan - Max Kenyon

Mrs. Van Daan - Kristen Misthopoulos

Miep Gies - Lily Saffa

Mr. Kraler - Doug Phipps

Mr. Dussel - Tom Wade

First Man - John Jonker

Second Man - Dylan Gabriel

Third Man - Daniel Traver

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